Monday, February 20, 2012

So eldest daughter asked me to make her a bigger pouch so she could fit her phone, purse and watch in it when she goes to work. She is only 4 and all of these items are pretend (I obviously don't send her out to work yet). I got round to it at the weekend. She chose the fabric, no surprise that there is a lot of pink in it. I haven't made a pouch/purse or in fact anything with a zip in for a while and I had to do a bit of unpicking. I don't think it helped that I used a mish mash of tutorials, will definitely use just one next time. Anyway daughter likes it and it is now stuffed full of everything a 4 year old could possibly need when she goes to work!


  1. Well, clearly she needs a pouch for all of her work-related stuff. Can she fit her car keys in there too?
    It's a great fabric, esp for a little gal.

  2. A girl can never have enough purses!