Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pay it forward

Last year I was lucky enough to sign up for the Pay it Forward that Catherine at Knotted Cotton was running on her blog. Just before we left Finland my fabulous gifts arrived. There were squeals of delight I can tell you. Look what I got!

Beautifully wrapped goodies and card

A lovely drawstring bag filled with gorgeous bunting.

The bag is currently holding my hexies and I am going to have to fight two small girls for the bunting! Catherine also sent some fabric goodies (including some of my most favourite Just Wing It by Momo) and some tea (a precious commodity when living away from home).
Thank you Catherine. Your gift put a big smile on my face at a time when things were really stressful and rather crazy.

As part of the PiF rules I am now going to offer to make 3 people a little gift.  It will be a surprise and it's arrival will also be a surprise but will be within the next year. If you would like to participate please leave a comment saying you do.



  1. could you give a few more details of what is involved please? x l

  2. I would like to participate in the PIF if it is not too late. Love your low volume star quilt too.

  3. think I am lucky here, have been re directed to you as where I was going to sign up was full