Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Teeth and travel

Bit of a tricky week here. Smallest daughter had a bit of a tooth trauma, cue plenty of blood and a trip to A and E (she still has her teeth at the moment but we may lose a couple of them, thank goodness they are only milk teeth). I was hoping we could get her through to at least her 3rd birthday before we had to take her to hospital but unfortunately she likes jumping on the sofa too much!

I seem to have spent rather a lot of time smooshing up food. But today I managed to put together this passport holder for our trip to the UK tomorrow.

I used this pattern by one shabby chick. I used a velcro closure just because it was all I had available.

It was a super pattern and it was fun to put together. Fingers crossed it will help me keep track of things as I negotiate the two little terrors to Heathrow!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Almost done

Almost, almost, almost done. The granny is now quilted! The end is in sight. I did an all over stipple in the white bits and hand quilted in the ditch around the centre square of each granny. It was a bit tricky at points but I really enjoyed the process. Here is a little look.

I am undecided on the binding but I suspect it will probably be pink as requested by my 4 year old boss who will eventually own the quilt.

Caroline x