Monday, March 12, 2012

Granny pouch

I had a whole hour off today! Big daughter has started nursery a couple of mornings a week so I could do a bit of sewing while the little daughter had her nap. Now obviously I could have done the washing, cleaning, ironing all that stuff but quite frankly life is too short so I made this instead.

All in all a pretty productive day!



  1. Cleaning is overrated. ;)

    I've not yet warmed to granny squares, despite all the current hype, but then I'm always fashionably behind on trends.. Looking great on your pouch, though. :)

  2. You managed a lot in an hour! Really like your pouches.

  3. Gorgeous pouch! Much better than doing housework...

  4. I have to get back to my grannies - they have been neglected for too long. Your granny pouch is adorable!