Thursday, April 18, 2013

Really Random Thursday

It has been a really random couple of weeks. There have been trips away, mud, puddles and aardvarks. Here is a little selection.

- If kids have not seen mud for six months you can pretty much guarantee they will find the smallest patch and make the biggest mess.

- The same is true of puddles.

-  Dusseldorf airport has the biggest giraffe in the world in its Atrium.  How on earth did they get it in there?

- If you are going on a bug hunt you need to wear a bunny mask/ladybird costume/hat and toilet roll telescope. It is to make sure the bugs don't recognise you, obviously!

- Aardvarks are really big and they have tails like giant rats. We saw them at Arnhem zoo. I was astounded, so astounded I forgot to take a photo!

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  1. You're cracking me up with the bug hunt. How fun!

  2. lovely pictures... did you go for ALL the wierd ones? lol x

  3. Love the costumes and accessories for the bug hunt

  4. Adorable, Kids look so cute in their little snowsuits x

  5. Love the randomness, and your kids are gorgeous and so obviously enjoying life.

  6. Your kids look so cheeky! Great post :o)