Thursday, January 17, 2013


I finished the sparkly baby quilt top this morning. I love how the mix of three star blocks and one star blocks work together. I think I will just do a bit of echo quilting around each star. I am tempted to use orange thread but I think I might need to test it first.

We have oldest daughters' fifth birthday party this weekend. Ten little people running around the place. It will be carnage! Now I am not a very experienced baker but am going to try and make a cake.  A pink and chocolate cake has been requested. I have had a practice run and it wasn't too bad, so fingers crossed I can make it again. I am certainly hoping it is easier the second time round now I know what I am doing!!

I though I would leave you with this photo. This is what the sea looks like round here at the moment. Minus 23 forecast this weekend. Thank goodness for underfloor heating and saunas!!!

Hope you are all keeping warm


  1. Love the quilt top. The colours just pop! Stay inside and stay warm.

  2. Your quilt top looks great, really bright and cheerful.

    It will be cold here but not that cold! Have to say I am not missing those Baltic winters :)

    Enjoy the party.

  3. The sparkly baby quilt is so pretty!! I hope the party goes well - bon courage!

  4. well... you made a beautiful quilt top... so a cake should be fine xx Good luck x

  5. Love that quilt top! Good luck with the cake and party :)

  6. Gorgeous sparkly quilt! Love the photo of the sea - that reminds me of Ontario.

  7. I hope you've survived the horde of little people and had some fun, too! It's a lovely quilt top. Accentuating quilting would surely look fb on it. I'd definitely test it first, too, though. :)