Friday, August 31, 2012

Grannies, grannies everywhere

Ok, so these crochet granny squares have become a slight obsession. I am definitely going to make a blanket. I have made another 7 squares this week.

I think I might need some more wool!

I have also been working on my Granny Squares quilt. I have at last finished the blocks and have managed to sash them this week. I just need to add some borders and the top will be done. I started this quilt in March so it has taken a while to get to this stage. I am really pleased now with how it is coming together.

I am linking up with Catherine at Knotted Cotton. Today is the inaugural slow blogger linky party. There is no doubt about it I am a slow blogger!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.



  1. I love both your granny square projects! Those crochet squares are wild and make me wish I could crochet! I can totally see why they would be addictive.

  2. Your granny square quilt looks really lovely, it will definitely be worth the wait when it is finished. Love your crochet squares too, can see why they are so addictive.

  3. I made two granny squares today - of the quilting kind - and have to say there are just about as additive to make as the crochet kind. Yours are looking fabulous!

  4. Whooo, granny squares and more granny squares - and they don't look granny at all! So lookign forward to where these are headed. Wishing you a fabulous weekend. x

  5. Wow what fun take on the granny square blocks! Loving them both =D

  6. Love the Granny Squares. Somewhere in a box I have an afghan of granny squares.

  7. I love the granny squares, both quilted and crocheted! I've been quilting for years but just started crocheting last winter, and granny squares are on both to do lists. I'm a slow blogger too. It's nice that there's a support group for people like us. :)